6 Second Camaro by Steve Morris! Must See This Unique Car!

If you like Hot Rod Drag week, then you may remember the problems Steve Morris had with the 615- inch Chevy engine incorporated in his 1969 Camaro SS/RS. However, Steve overpassed that, made some modifications in the car and it happened to be able to drive 6.94 seconds on the track which is not bad at all. Steve now has loads of work trying to prepare this 6 second Camaro for the Drag Week 2013.

The modifications he made included bigger fuel inlet line and a new fuel cell. As for the engine, it has been modified, too. The engine now incorporates a 94 millimeter turbocharger, IC 3000 intercooler and 14.5 degree cylinder heads. With these changes of the engine, the vehicle is able to develop 2,108 hp.

Steve says that Larry`s experience has been very helpful and that he is certainly going to continue with this kind of work.

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Enjoy the video below!

Steve Morris Dynos Camaro


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