Texas Mile Fastest Car DYNO RUN: 1894HP Twin Turbo FORD GT!

Fast car creators cannot brag with their babies without some previous tests on their product like for example a simple dyno run. On that particular step we have found one more candidate that will surely enter in the club for the Texas Mile Fastest Car in the world. Say hello to this Twin Turbo Ford GT that can believe it or not run 273 mph. If you are still not impressed, then get ready to be because that ran of the beast was not at full boost. This Ford GT can actually make over 2000hp!

The dust that is blown around at the end of this video, support the fact that this is one hell of a car and a fast machine that requires professional drivers with insane skills. The extreme power of this vehicle produces sounds equally like a mix of a muscle car with a fighter jet, so get ready to be amazed like never before.

In comparison, we would like to mention that this Ford GT is more powerful than an M1 Abrams tank, which means that we have some serious power here. We even wonder how the camera man managed to stand still that near. Enough said?! Check out the so called Texas Mile Fastest Car!

Enjoy the video below!

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