Huge Fireball On The Dyno! Nitrous Explosion With The 2000HP Truck!

The Nitrous explosion video bellow that you are about to see was recorded after many, many 1400HP runs, almost a dozen ¼ mile passes, and being totally abused, multiple times on daily bases, so that it finally finished with a cracked block. However, the owner, Shawn Baca wanted to complete the competition between him and his friend, who can achieve a higher horsepower result on the dyno, as the final goal was 2000HP.

So, even though there was an obvious problem with the cracked block, Shawn solve this problem by filling the injured parts with a cement, than placed a big sets of injectors, and of course, the most powerful turbo he could get his hands on. And as you will see it for yourself, sometimes being so persistent is not such a good thing, as in his third attempt to get it spooled, the result was a big boom!

As he was already doing 4600 rpm and than hit strongly on the NOS, what he got was an `explosive` combo, which turned out to be a great recipe for a big fireball. Check out the video and see what I`m talking about.

Not quite the topic, but these are some huge explosions right here!

Enjoy the video below!

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