Insane Drifting Performance in Poland! DEMONIC SOUND Of A Supercharged Nissan S14 Drifting In The Woods!

Check out this insane drifting performance with this real beast Supercharged Nissan S14 through the forest somewhere in Poland! These guys really know how to organize the events like this and all the cars and drivers are pretty cool. To put it simply, this is one of the best drifting shows we have ever seen! The Nissan S14 drifting performance is REMARKABLE! To make things even better, this event is not like most of the drifting videos we have shared with you. While most of the time one car is on the track, this is not the case here! Here you will see two cars drifting at the same time, and they are very close to each other! As a matter of fact, they are only several feet apart! This just adds to the whole atmosphere, making it even better! Luckily, there were no crashes between the cars. We shouldn`t be surprised though, these guys are professionals after all. We have to admit that the Polish really know how to organize a proper drifting event.

This video was filmed in Poland, or to be more precise, in Touge, which is in Sopot. It looks to us like the perfect place for a drifting showdown! Although all of them were amazing, the Nissan S14 drifting performance was what caught our attention. It isn`t about the car, but what is under its hood! When we first heard the sound of the engine, we must admit that we got a little scared! It is probably the most sensational sound you have ever heard coming from a car engine! This incredible S14 is powered but with the Supercharged LS engine, it sounds like a real DEMON and we`re sure you will never forget it! Also, the driver have some serious drifting skills, so its a real pleasure to watch this thing in action! This is the best music for our ears. How about you? Feel free to share your thoughts with us! We can`t believe this is for real! LISTEN to this thing ROARING!

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