Our FAVORITE Video!!! Ultimate STREET DRIFTING In Poland! Must See To Believe!

We are not sure how we should feel about this whole street drifting thing going on in this video. It does seem like a lot of fun though! You don`t see street drifting in the middle of a city every day! This is why we wanted to share this with you! These guys made this special video with a dedication to the daughters of one of the drifters from their team. They have also made some other nice videos and you can check them on their YouTube Chanel. The editing of this amazing clip is pretty cool and the drifting performance is something you don`t want to miss. The guys drifting in this video are just that good! It might have been dangerous to do it, but it least these guys made a really nice video. Drifting fans would be more than delighted to watch and enjoy it! We can say for ourselves that we sure did!

However, we still do not know the traffic laws in Poland and we must say that we do not support these driving actions, as they may be highly dangerous for all traffic participants! Anyway, this could be recorded in controlled conditions specially made to record this video, but we highly recommend to not try this on the streets. There are better ways of showcasing your drifting skills, and more legal ways for that matter. Despite the possible breaking of numerous laws, we still applaud them for their street drifting skills! They deserved it! We leave you with the video now, make sure you watch it! You certainly wouldn`t want to miss something like this! Enjoy! Also, do not forget to leave your comments for that topic and of course for the awesome video below!

Oh, and if you want to watch the how the citizens of Saint Petersburg drift, visit this link!


12 thoughts on “Our FAVORITE Video!!! Ultimate STREET DRIFTING In Poland! Must See To Believe!

  1. Russell

    Totally irresponsible! let’s teach kids bad stuff!

    1. Josh

      Russell would you rather see a bunch of kids into cars learning how to do things like this or sitting home doing stupid stuff and ruining there life?

    2. Dennis

      Watching this doesnt teach kids anything.. If they go out and hurt someone trying this then they are stupid.. If they think they can do this because they watched a video then they are stupid… And if they say its because they watched a video then they are taking the easy way out and pointing the finger instead of taking responsibility for their own actions..

  2. Chip Monk

    Lets do this!

    1. Johnny

      Off you go Chip! 🙂

  3. Adolf

    I just love this video… Keep up the good work guys

  4. Gapioza

    Yech… The old JBB Drift Team :3 with Jacob “MUSK” Tatara. This e36 come from my dreams 🙂

    1. Johnny

      Oh yes… It is definitely a dream car of many people 🙂 Thanks for your comment Gapioza!

  5. w124

    Stary dobry Polski dyfer xd

  6. If we don’t have a tracks to drift than we need to drift on the streets… Poland is poor country there is not many places to do that things.

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