Supercharged Chevelle Massive Burnout in South Australia!

WOW!!! This one is definitely OFF THE HOOK! Never actually knew how Australians handle AMERICAN Muscle Cars! This particular event takes place in South Australia where this Aussie is BURNING THOSE TIRES! The driver is perfectly handling this SUPERCHARGED CHEVELLE as you can barely see him from the smoke he produces! He`s probably going to need some new tires after this, but he will have the experience forever! As an Australian friend of ours once said: You guys might produce the best Muscle Cars, but give them to us to teach you how to treat them!

So, all the way from South Australia, we got this Supercharged Chevelle Massive Burnout video. Press the play button and tell us whether the Aussies know how to use an American Muscle Car!

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Enjoy the video below!

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