Muscle Cars vs GT-R On A Daytime Street Race Event in California! Now That’s The Real American Muscle!

Let`s go to Cali for a little bit, but not for the beaches and nice weather, but for STREET RACING!!! These guys here really know how to organize a street race, and they really have it all! What is interesting for us is the clash between Muscle Cars and GT-Rs, which really have something special to offer for the spectators! That`s why you will be glad to see battles between a 375HP Camaro and a GT-R per se, as well as a 500 Horsepower Camaro versus a GT-R! So, let the races begin, all you need to do is to sit comfortably and enjoy Cali!

Check below this amazing daytime street race event in California between the Muscle Cars and GT-R from the Bay Area! You will be surprised from the results. See for yourself why!