STEALING Diesel Fuel At The Gas Stations With GAS SIPHONING SYSTEM! A Smart Thief Right Here!

Criminals can get very creative with the way they do their “job“. This creativity can sometimes be so immense, it can gather more praise than actual condemnation. The video we have for you guys today shows just one of the many crazy ways a thief can steal something. In this particular case, we are talking about stealing diesel fuel by utilizing a gas siphoning system! These thieves were really determined to get themselves some free gasoline! The Sheriff of the Marion County has arrested 3 people for their involvement in 3 diesel fuel thefts on the 3 different gas stations in this County. The thieves used a specially equipped van  with a gas siphoning system and used it to steal diesel fuel with the worth of over $3,000.

They have used a trick with the cut-out on the van`s floor from where the subjects would park above the cover for the diesel storage tank, remove the cover and use their custom made system to pump out diesel into the big storage tanks (300 gallons+) inside the van. Even the Sheriff that is shown the video admits that this is quite an ingenious way of stealing gas! They might be thieves, but they still managed to impress even the authorities that caught them! This shows how smart this whole stealing process is! As the Sheriff said in the video, a great deal of thought has gone in this scheme! It is unlucky that the inventors of this plan used it for a misdemeanor, as they do seem to have a lot of talent! Nonetheless, a crime should be punished even if it`s done in a brilliant way. Smart thieves we must say! What do you think? Check out the video and be judge for yourself!

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5 thoughts on “STEALING Diesel Fuel At The Gas Stations With GAS SIPHONING SYSTEM! A Smart Thief Right Here!

  1. Richard

    They are thieves. No different than if they stole the fuel from your vehicle. Doesn’t hurt the big oil companies. They’ve already been paid for that fuel! It only hurts the station owner. The one who only makes a few pennies per gallon to begin with!

  2. William

    This is new ? I saw this on CSI Miami years ago

  3. David

    I thought they said there was a gas theft ring. I dont see no crime here.

    Funny the big corporation can rip us off and no one ever goes after them…..

    1. Johnny

      Right you are David 😉 Have a nice day!

    2. Woodfish

      You don’t see no crime here? They opened the huge underground tank where the fuel used to be (before they pumped it all out) and siphoned the hell out of it. Paid nothing because it didn’t go through the pumping system of the gas station and no one would see the fuel missing, at least not at that moment and would just drive away. If that isn’t stealing I don’t know what is. Oh and before you mention oil companies again and how they rip you off try to remember that you have one of the cheapest gas prices on the planet, if not the cheapest. We pay $1.2 PER LITER. So yeah. Stop your whining.

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