We Have A STORMTROOPER On A Speeder BIKE Toy!!!

Any fans of the Star Wars franchise? Of course there are! As real fans you surely have some action figures in your possession. If this is true, then you are going to love what is in this video! So, we have something special for you! Probably your new favorite toy! A genuine Stormtrooper riding its Speeder bike toy! How cool is that? All the time you were watching it on the screen, and now it is right here in front of you! Unfortunately, this time again on the screen, but nevertheless, it is here, it is real, you know it exists and it flies! It is just a drone, but it doesn`t matter.

The guy who created this speeder bike toy video came up with a great idea, to put the Star Wars theme song running in the background, making the feeling even more authentic! He also made sure to record this video from two perspectives giving you the chance to see what it is like to be on the dark side! Having this in your hands will wake up the child inside of you, taking you back to the time when you saw the Star Wars movie for the first time.

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