Fantastic Reverse STUNT Performed By Martin Kratky!

The Gearhead world is full of different types of entertainment! One of them is definitely watching stunt bikers as they perform amazing tricks and leave us speechless! There are great performers in this world, girls and guys (don`t forget Sarah Lezito), that make this world a wonderful place to live in! However, this time we want to present Shorty! Martin Kratky who we took the liberty of calling him Shorty due to his last name – Krátký -- which means `short` in Czech! Anyway, he is on a tournament in Poland, and you won`t believe the trick he did!

While the whole crowd is excited to see him ride, he decides to do something that seems impossible for his semifinal run in Poland – a Sport Bike Reverse! The audience went wild and they could not resist on screaming and applauding! This trick is very SICK if we had to use one word for it! Anyway, Martin Krátký was born in Plzen, Czech Republic and rides a KAWASAKI ZX 6R NINJA, MZ 150 since he went professional in 2002! He has won many Championships including 2nd place on the WORLD Championship 2014! Check it out!

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