If you are a Speed Flying fan you will definitely love this one! Turns out we have really seen it all. But whenever we say that, someone comes out and surprises us! So, what we have learnt from doing this job we have, never say that you have seen it all! If you thought Speed Flying is all about chilling up in the air, you have never been more wrong! In the video you are about to see, you will get the experience of your life, even though you are just watching!

Gage Galles, a young man that has the coolest hobby ever, decided to use a GoPro camera, and film the trick he is about to perform! So, he super-flied between the Makaha towers in Waianae, Hawaii! It is so cool watching these guys have fun. This unique hybrid sport that mixed elements of parachuting and paragliding, is more and more popular among people, and will definitely have improvement after more people see this amazing video! Anyway, do not get encouraged to try this! You will need years of practice, to be able to SWOOP between huge, concrete towers and stay alive! Enjoy Hawaii and Speed-Flying! Aloha!

Plus, if you want to learn more about this extreme sport, follow this link to get some advices and tips.