Sheriff Races Enthusiasts On The Street! Coolest Policeman Ever!

When you own a super-powered and modified car, every now and then you come across other people who do too, and sometimes they agree to a challenge to see who can go faster or who can drive it better. They go out on the freeway to take a few spins and see what`s what but they come across a rather enthusiastic sheriff, who tells them on his PA system to “do something cool”. They do a pull and the sheriff races to catch up, giving them the thumbs up before driving away. This guy is by far the coolest cop ever!

Afterwards, they try their speed and agility with each other, and as exciting as that is, it`s just not the same as when you`ve got the sheriff race from earlier. They put a 2JZ RX7 against a Mustang, a 650HP Saturn against a tuned Evo X and all combinations of the four. They are obviously having a great time speeding through the highway and I wouldn`t blame them – it`s an incredible mix of adrenaline and gaining experience for future drag racing. Props to these guys and also to the really cool sheriff that didn`t pull them over or give them a ticket!

On the other hand, see how the police shuts down illegal street races!