Shaun Chevelle SS vs. Big Matt Camaro! One of the Fastest Classic Muscle Cars We Have Ever Seen!

Racing is always more interesting when there are some bets on the table. Especially Street Racing, right? So, right here we have a $1000 worth of race. $500 by each of the opponents. It is a clash between SS Shaun and his AMAZING Chevelle and Big Matt with his Camaro! Before the race begins we can witness some pretty exciting moves by the Shaun Chevelle SS! SS Shaun does burnouts and revs the engine to eargasm! That is one mean Chevelle right there!

It sure was an exciting race but the Shaun Chevelle SS turned out to be the winner and it was all fair and square! Actually, this Chevelle is one of the fastest Classic Muscle Car we have ever seen! Real monster on the drag track! By the way, Matt refused to pay even though he had lost, but he finally did it in the end! However, we hope to see more of these in near future! Awesome job guys!

What we loved a lot about this video is the recap of the race by SS Shaun himself! At the end of the video, SS Shaun celebrates the victory and gives us his thoughts! He speaks about not receiving his money right away. He says that not receiving his money is not funny!

After speaking his thoughts on that nasty matter, SS Shaun is showing us the beasty engine that lurks underneath the hood! You can see that beasty engine in great detail! He is also showing us all, that there is no nitrous fitted in the engine! Big Matt`s Camaro was running with nitrous and procharger on top of it! So yeah, you can see about what type of a Chevelle we are talking about here! This is one sweet victory for SS Shaun indeed! His Shaun Chevelle SS definitely rocks!

Check out this amazing STREET RACE: Shaun Chevelle SS vs. Big Matt Camaro!!!