This Guy Can Send His HUGE RC TRUCK to Get His Meal In The DRIVE TROUGH!

Check this incredible Kenworth Truck, picking up some sonic food, cruising the streets and getting a lot of attention along the way! We are not surprised though, as this huge RC truck is smaller than anything that rides on the streets, yet bigger than any RC vehicle we have ever seen! Whoever made this truck did a great job. Numerous people came to see this masterpiece up close, and to be honest, we would have done the exact same thing! Never let the kid inside of you grow up!  This could be a good substitute tittle for this video. This video shows how a kid`s dream can become true! We assume that this man had many toy trucks as a child and was riding on them, using his legs to move around and dreaming to do the same without having to use the power of the legs! And yes, here it is! Years later it is happening! You just have to use your imagination!

This huge RC truck is the ultimate grown-ups’ toy! The least this truck can do is to make a little curved line on your face. The possibilities with this huge RC truck are endless! We are not talking just about going to the store to get some food. Imagine driving your kids to school in this thing! That would be so awesome!

It is shown in this video that this huge RC truck has no problem transporting three grown up people in the back! We must give a little bit of recognition to the creator of this amazing vehicle, and this is why we are sharing it with you! Just look at it! That thing is big enough to blow your mind!!