Here’s Why Wearing A Seat Belt Is Crucial!

There are many awesome inventions that people have come up with to make your vehicle looks much better and make it much faster, but the idea of the seat belt has remained the same and to this day, the seat belt is one of the most safety features in any car. Many times before we have stated and demonstrated why wearing a seat belt is crucial for your safety, and in this video we take a look at is yet another proof for those of you who are still not convinced in its functionality.

Seat Belt Is Crucial 2

Namely, couple of years ago on August 26, IMMA made an awesome crash test where it showed how much big of a difference the belt can make. They used a large semi-truck for the crash test and mounted cameras to grab all the action inside the cab. Unfortunately, there is not precise information about the speed of which the semi-truck was going, but we can clearly see that it was not going extremely fast at all.

Even though the vehicle was not going fast, the crash into this barrier block caused tremendous damage to the semi-truck, but you will be shocked once you take a look at the inside of the cabin. The dummy that was sitting in the passenger seat literally slammed its head into the glove box. Moreover, there were no airbags and it made the crash much more sever for the dummies inside the cabin. This video will surely help you realize the importance of seat belts!

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