RYAN TUERCK – The Ultimate Game Of DRIFTING Challenge! MUST SEE!

RYAN TUERCK -- The Ultimate Game Of DRIFTING Challenge! MUST SEE! It is Really Nuts!

Who said that drifting can`t be more fun than it already is? The more entertaining version of drifting is playing games while drifting! How cool is that! The driver who won`t complete the challenge, gets a letter and if somebody spells D-R-I-F-T is out! Pretty interesting, don`t you think? These two drivers have to complete several challenges. The first one is barrel tap. FYI the challenges are thoroughly explained in the video. Second challenge is drift kickball. Next is the double dare drift followed by flip a b challenge. The on-coming challenges are the pinball drift and thread the needle. Which one is you favorite?

Yeah, get some more adventures with Ryan Tuerck!

Enjoy the video below!

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