This Is How Different Rim Polishing Processes Looks Like!

Strap in, folks, we`re going on a rim polishing adventure! This video depicts a bunch of different processes to polish and maintain your precious rims, and some of them may even be safe to do at home! The first way to polish rims is through vibration – they put the rim in a vibrating drum and then throw a little grainy polishing material on it, which vibrates and makes the rims shine as it does down the drum. The next process is one of a simpler skill.

Different Rim Polishing Processes 1

Actually a guy tries to polish his rim with a rotating machine that resembles a grinder – it looks very hard to handle and it exerts an even harder influence on the rim, but in the end the rim would appear to be polished, right?

Well, to be honest, you`re going to have to ask the makers of this rim polishing video that question. They go all the way through the phases of this process and even go into other processes, but they never reveal the final product. It`s a bit weird, but from the way it goes on we can make a deduction ourselves. That is especially valid when you read the audience`s comments below the video – a lot of people are saying that they know how to polish rims much more easily and without even removing the entire wheel, except the shine is brighter. Either way, I think we need to analyze what we actually want to get done before we do anything, and if these guys wanted to polish some rims, I think there are much more effective ways to do that.

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