BMW 750Li Sedan On DUB Hurricayne’s 30-Inch Rims At The ‘East Side VS West Side’ Show!

The BMW 750Li Sedan has proved to be a luxurious model with staggering agility! However, for some gearheads that is not enough in which they want to bring something else. What they are trying to accomplish is not quite certain. Nevertheless, their creativity or lack of creativity (depends how you look at it) is huge! This here custom made BMW 7 Series Sedan is definitely custom made in a controversial way! The word Sedan no longer belongs here! This gearhead owner modded his 750Li with a DUB Hurricayne`s 30 inch rims! As we said, for some this may be an abomination!

For some an abomination for some understandable experimentation and simply said fun. This here BMW 750Li Sedan which is not a Sedan anymore, was displayed at the East Side VS West Side Show in Detroit! You can see the magnificent 30 inch rims by DUB Hurricayne shining on the car! They are some very fine spinner rims indeed! But this car will never have the agility we mentioned before! It became a car only fit for grabbing onlooker`s attention! A car made like this because it could be! Can`t see any other explanation to this move here! Enjoy the video!

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