Real Life BIKE TRANSFORMER – Uno Bike By BPG Motors!

If there is one thing that we have learn by now (or should have), is that the future of transportation is pretty bizarre looking -- I`m sure that there are those amongst you who had seen the odd and weird looking YikeBike. Today we are going to present you with yet another one oddball -- the Uno Bike from BPG Motors, a tricycle that is able to be transformed into a self-balancing ride on two wheels…

It has a front fork wheel that is folded between the rear wheels under the seat, and the best thing about it that the whole thing can be balanced very well, when the rider has to go through some tight spaces and later, when there is a time to run faster (its top speed is around 30 to 35 mph), those rear wheels are pivoting out, the whole ride is lowering and away it goes.

So far we have not had a chance to try this thing out, but here we have a cool video of this real life Transformer, in which you will see how this amazing BPG Motors product is working. Check it out and tell us what you think about it.