Bumble Bee Outfit Really Transforms & Drives Like A Car!

Check out the Best Transformers Bumble bee outfit Ever in Times Square! This thing it’s brand new, because we have not seen such a costume before and the video was published on May 16, 2014.

America is AWESOME for a lot of stuff! One of them is the opportunity to see all kinds of AMAZING things by just walking down the street! Just like that, a family was taking a walk as they saw a TRANSFORMER! This was not just a costume, we tell you! This transformer could really be a car and ROBOT in the same time! It was so realistic that kids were literally shouting and were OUT of their minds as this “thing” TRANSFORMED from a ROBOT to a car that actually DROVE! Please take a look of this video, this guy really deserved a NICE TIP! It Really Transforms & Drives Like A Car and entertains these cute children!

Finally, check out the Bumble bee concept by Chevy!

Enjoy the video below!

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