Transformers Age of Extinction Trailer – Detailed Teaser!

Sci-Fi fans, we think we have an interesting thingy just for you! The fourth sequel of the Transformers franchise: Age of Extinction! You will see the Transformers Age Of Extinction trailer! This time the lead role belongs to Mark Wahlberg whereas Peter Cullen plays his role as Optimus Prime once again. Michael Bay signs as a director of this movie, as he did for the previous ones. There are several new surprises, but you will have to wait a few months in order to find them out. The strong points of this movie are certainly the special effects, the music, and the performance of the leading actors. Furthermore, this film tends to be the highest grossing movie of this year.

When it comes to director Michael Bay. We all know that he is known for Explosions. Explosions! EXPLOSIONS!!!! That’s what he did in this movie as well! At least judging by the Transformers Age Of Extinction trailer! Seriously guys, Michael Bay sure loves explosions. But of course, explosions are not the only thing he loves to do. He also loves to move the camera in a circular motion when the character rises up. He got another directorial trademark which is a shot of a helicopter against a sunset. All of his movies are fast with busy frames. And he likes to use filters to give the movie a bluish background color.

The Transformers franchise is not really the critic`s favorite, but it sure made a tons of money at the box office. And the new sequel Transformers Age of Extinction is promising in that field as well. The people just love this franchise and we are almost certain that the new sequel is going to be a box office smash as well. The Transformers franchise is not quite the storytelling that Christopher Nolan would`ve done. But we are sure it will be a mind blowing, action, explosion filled action flick that will blow you away. That’s why you should check out the Transformers Age Of Extinction trailer!

So, hesitate no more! Check the Transformers: Age of Extinction -- Detailed Teaser Trailer starring Mark Wahlberg! Finally a movie that will probably satisfy your needs for incredible raging adventure!

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