We all know the joy and excitement that comes with drifting! We, musclecarszone.com and you dear readers know it the best! We have seen it all, we have seen drifting in mud, we have seen girls drifting and riding in the passenger seat while someone else is drifting. Moreover, we have seen so many drift races, official ones and street ones as well! Now let`s see the remote control drift cars that are supposed to be so cool according to people`s reactions! The well-known web page “Driftbelarus.by” released a video starring the very best RC drift cars! There was a very nice event recently, the RC DRIFTING TOURNAMENT!!!

The very best participants took place in the event as we observed a huge clash among “drivers” and cars! These tiny little cars are made with so much attention that they look incredibly authentic! So much attention was put into details that no one can complain! With the already mentioned tournament, the 2015 season of RC drifting cars is now opened! This sport is taking a huge swing as it is becoming more and more popular among people! Be up to date – Check out the RC Drift Cars!

Plus, if you want to read the latest news and details about the British Drift Championship with actual cars, follow this link.