R33 D1 Skyline Running Track 2 in Reverse Direction!

Check this amazing video taken at Taupo, New Zealand. Zak Pole is running Track 2 in Reverse Direction with his R33 D1 Skyline with 400rwkw RB30DET at 7500 rpm on 18psi. GT35!

If you have always wondered what clouds were made of -- here is your answer! The smoke produced by this STUNNING MACHINE is incredible! We give you the one and only -- Zak Pole drifting his R33 D1 Nissan Skyline! He is the UNSTOPPABLE one at the track in New Zealand as all eyes are pointed at him or should we say -- at the R33 SKYLINE!!! However, it is a great moment for you to see how real professionals do their DRIFTING and how they manage to disappear in the SMOKE CLOUDS while the audience is left jaw dropped!!! Be a witness!!!

Enjoy the video below!

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