These Games Simply Rock When It Comes To Virtual Drifting!

If you are a millennial or a 90s guy, then you must love racing games. It is simply inevitable to love cars without playing at least one racing game in your childhood. Some of us even grew up doing that. However, everything is prone to changes and games are a no exclusion. The level of improvement that has been done is simply miraculous. Most of the PC games look exactly like real life, but which are the best? Well, we will take a look at which are the top 9 virtual drifting games of today. Drifting can be expensive, but not if you do it on your PC. The first game we take a look at is called Assetto Corsa. The physics and the graphics are ultra-realistic and there are number of awesome tracks that you can perform drifts. Next we take a look at Forza Motorsport.

top virtual drifting games 1

This one is for all of you console gamers out there. Yes, you can play this beauty on your Xbox and it will not let you down. Now, we take a look at the game that started it all. When it comes to virtual drifting, Gran Turismo is recognized by everyone. It offers some great fun! If you love ultra HD graphics, then Rfactor is the game for you. You are going to spend hours and hours playing this game on your PC. To finish off our list, we take a look at games such as Race Driver: Grid and Forza Horizon 3. However, no list would be complete without Need For Speed, the game that marked our childhood. You will also enjoy in Live For Speed and Carx Drift Racing, which is played on iOS and Android. Choose one and let the fun begin!

top virtual drifting games 2

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