I got to tell you right away. We had seen some pretty impressive and adrenaline rush filled pulling battles between all kinds of powerful trucks, tractors, and other powerful machines. But the one that you are going to see in the video below, is way above any other pulling battle that we had ever seen. And what else would it be, when we have the ultimate pickup truck, the one and only, the baddest Dodge truck ever built, the Mega Ram Runner, that has the guts to go up against the 1992 Marmon Semi truck!

I`m pretty sure that many of you (just like us) have never even heard about a Marmon Semi truck. But it would be enough to say that this monster is pulling like 150 000 pounds on a daily basis. Sounds interesting?

On the other hand, I`m sure that many of you know the powerful Mega Ram Runner, as above mentioned, the baddest Dodge truck in America, which probably does not have a match amongst the other pickup trucks. It has 6 doors, huge rims and tires, powerful motor. But compared with the semi, `only` 4 wheels.

So, how do you think this ultimate pulling battle will end? Well, I`m sure not going to spoil the fun for you and tell you about it, but will let you watch it for yourself and enjoy it all the way. Check it out!

And if you want to find out something more about the insanely cool Mega Ram Runner, and see an interesting video and a photo gallery with it, click here.