Brutal Demonstration of Raw Power! Lifted Dodge Truck vs Kawasaki Ninja 250R!

As it happens many times, great motorcycles and their owners often tend to prove themselves against a bigger opponent, usually some powerful four wheel machine. And most of the times we are watching that kind of a drag battle, more often than rare, bikers turn out to winners, even though most of the times they are fighting on the strip with some of the best cars like Nissan GTR, Ferrari, Lamborghini etc. But this time we have a little bit different scenario, as this biker and his 08 Ninja 250R is battling one enormous Dodge truck and makes a complete fool out of himself.

After you will watch the video, I think that most of you will agree with me that it is not only that the truck is so powerful and fast, but it is also very obvious that the guy on the bike does not really know what the hell is he doing. Maybe I`m wrong, I can not call myself a real expert on bikes and riding, but that is my impression from watching this video.

So it would be best if you also watch it and than tell me your opinion on the subject.

Enjoy the video below!

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4 thoughts on “Brutal Demonstration of Raw Power! Lifted Dodge Truck vs Kawasaki Ninja 250R!

  1. Marshall

    you beat a scooter with an aggressive body! Ha! Raw power my a$$!

  2. Dustin

    ^^^agreed^^^^ Uhhhh its a 250 those arent fast there’s no “raw power” anywhere in this video lol I coulda beat that truck in my slow focus and it only has exhaust and intake

  3. Goty

    That’s a 249cc bike making a whopping 26-ish HP and something like 17 lb-ft of torque. The fact that it kept up as long as it did should be embarrassing for the truck.

  4. someguy

    you realize that bike has only 24 hp right? it is a low-power commuter bike. and you still almost lost to it.

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