The period when you learn how to ride a bike is definitely one of the most exciting in your childhood, don`t you think? They say once you learn how to ride a bike you never forget! Also, bikes are the green way of transportation in the urban jungles as well as great tools for fun and excitement! Adrenalin junkies know exactly what we are talking about. And the video clip below is dedicated to them. You are going to watch professional bike rider Sam Reynolds run as a part of the Rampage run competition! We have got to warn you – your blood might freeze during watching this footage! Moreover, viewing this video only once will not be enough. One cannot simply have enough of this pure awesomeness! This video is insane, from the beginning till its very end!

From our point of view, we think that the first half of Sam`s run is more dangerous than the second. Not that the second is not dangerous at all! Just watch WHERE Sam Reynolds rides his bike! On very narrow ROCKS at a very high ALTITUDE! Hats down for him and everyone else who participated in this competition!

Finally, follow this link to watch the world’s best enduro rider Graham Jarvis doing one extremely dangerous performance!