Polish Drift Master Jacek “The Fish” in Action! Dope Edit!

For most of you, I`m guessing that this is the first time you ever hear the name of Jacek “Ryba” Rybicki, but in his native Poland, as well as in the rest of drifting Europe, this drift master really is a `big fish`. But after you finish watching the video that we have prepared for you with Jacek -- the Fish (that is his nickname), something tells me that you will remember him for a while.

In the last decade or so, drifting has become a really big sport in Poland, so it should be no surprise that we have more and more videos coming from this country. It is obvious that Polish really enjoy drift-driving and competing in various drift championships all over Europe, as well as working, tuning their vehicles and transforming it into a real drifting monsters. Jacek`s favorite choice of weapon is the BMW, especially the E30 model, highly modified, with an engine that can develop over 500HP and it would be safe to say that he is using it to its maximum. This guy really knows what a good drifting is, and got some serious skills.

Anyway, what do you say about this Saudi drift master?

Enjoy the video below!

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