Abandoned Muscle Cars! Over 700 Abandoned Dodges (Mostly Chargers) Waiting For You in Alabama! Google Maps Location Included!

In an unofficial survey done by random teenagers, people were asked what they would choose if they had only one wish! As you all assume, many said billion dollars. However, many answered they would like to find a field full of abandoned muscle cars!


When you think, about it, that`s the best option. You can get your money that way, but you will still have a full yard of old muscle!


Are you one of those car lovers that have tough times finding parts for their retro beauty? And that old timer is a Dodge Charger? Or a Challenger? And you have been to every possible junkyard of old vehicles? What if we told you that you might be near to a lot of abandoned muscle cars?


Well, today is your lucky day, even the luckiest if you live near Alabama, as we found out “the Heaven” where all these abandoned muscle cars vehicles end up.



18 thoughts on “Abandoned Muscle Cars! Over 700 Abandoned Dodges (Mostly Chargers) Waiting For You in Alabama! Google Maps Location Included!

  1. Love your PIC, I have sold yaw 3or4 of my old Mopars at one time here just out side of Talladega.

  2. Melanie Warren

    ^^^ Gary, are you the owner of this salvage yard??

    1. Drew

      Use to be owned by Ted Stephens, I dealt with him some when I was supplying parts to Mopar restorers… Hellova guy to deal with… Haven’t talked to him in years…

      1. Chris White

        Ted Stevens is still the owner for a fact. I am from that area. He is a great man.

  3. Great find there buddy.. I wonder if I can find anything worthwhile there.. worth a peek if ya close right?

    Bound to be some old skool awesomeness there!

    Sweet Share fellas


    1. admin

      Thanks a lot for the support Tony!

  4. Andy

    If you look at it in google maps and zoom in all the way you’ll see that it’s just a wrecking yard or pick and pull. Most of the cars are completely rusted over and/or missing parts.

  5. mq

    i dont get it how it is lucky? what im gonna do with rusty dodge body ?

  6. April Lawson

    It’s over 2000 mopars that are there and all the parts need new homes 🙂

  7. Ryan Boyles

    Thats to awsome. Can this be real?, looking for winter projects thia would be perfect

  8. prius for saving a deteriorating atmosphere..MOPAR rules!!

  9. I want to build a ’62 Valiant gasser w/big wedge motor.

  10. chris

    Hey guys just want to let you know that we are real. This is Chris at Stephens Performance. We have over 3,000 cars and all we do is mopar. But we don’t normally sale cars, just the parts. If you are needing anything new or used for your mopar give us a call at 256 247 1332. Thanks.

    1. admin

      Thanks for the info Chris! I hope it will be useful for everybody!

    2. Steven beasley

      Do you have a 69 dodge charge car by any chance

  11. david

    Good luck, prepare yourself to pay out of this world prices for the parts they claim they, mostly rusted beyond resto cars and picked clean charger carcasses which they will sell you if u just happen to have won the lottery, then they will gouge and fleece you for every part you need while you wait a lifetime trying to get them to send you the parts! If you have way too much money and lots of time you will love these guys, average car guy look elsewhere

    1. John V.

      You have NO idea what it takes to run a yard like this. The whole “salvage yard” concept is despised by organizations like the EPA, the local community (who wants a “junkyard” in THEIR McMansion’s back yard!?!?!), etc….
      I worked for Mo-Par City in Illinois for 4 years and we had to go as far away as Indiana and Wisconsin to buy parts and garages full of parts (and wasted a LOT of trips to faraway places to look at “lots of good parts” only to come back empty handed because the person either lied or they wanted top dollar for junk because of an ad that they saw in Hemmings…). That costs time and money. LOTS of time and money.
      We had to CAREFULLY track all of our titles and VIN plates and Data Plates to the Illinois State Police, we had to recycle ALL of our fluids (oil, antifreeze, trans fluid, gear oil, R-12 Freon…), we had to PAY someone to haul off our old tires…. We had to buy/rent heavy equipment like loaders, forklifts, storage bins, build BIG metal buildings, haul rock in so that we could navigate the yard and not get stuck in the mud, my boss had to pay local, state and federal sales / income taxes, AND taxes on the equipment and the land, AND payroll, AND property insurance AND health insurance… Phones, credit card machines, signs and EZ-Ups for car shows, registration fees (checked the price for a large commercial vendor spot at the Mopar Nationals lately David??? How about the price for a half page ad in Mopar Collector’s Guide…???), UPS supplies like boxes, tags, tape, crates for heavy parts like 8-3/4 center sections…. It never stops. I’m sure that there is a whole stack of expen$ive things that I’ve forgotten, but this at least (hopefully) gives you, the educated consumer, a clearer picture of what it’s like to run a salvage yard in America.
      Meanwhile you can load up Mom’s SUV and set up at a swap meet in a $40 space and sell parts for top dollar yourself with nearly zero overhead costs. No business cards, no real estate or personal property taxes to pay… BUT no guarantee that if the person that buys your used parts doesn’t like it, or finds one cheaper somewhere else can RETURN it to you, no questions asked…. We ALWAYS refunded the customer (unless THEY were trying to fleece US, but that is a whole other story….).
      PLUS, we would always hot tank suspension parts and engine parts for the customer FREE OF CHARGE so that they’d get a nice clean part that didn’t have grease and oil on it, and we’d rattle can paint it to keep it from rusting. Do YOU do that David?
      Unfortunately it’s people like you that would try to sell US rusted out stripped hulks of 318 powered 1972 Challengers for ridiculous prices because they saw where a #1 condition 440 Six Pak ’71 Challenger went on Barrett Jackson for a ridiculous price, so that means that YOURS is certainly worth at least half of that crazy number, right…?!?!
      People right down the street aren’t selling NICE Mopars to places like Ted Stephens or Mo-Par City to be parted out. They are (rightfully) restoring them, and unfortunately it all boils down to “supply and demand”.
      I’ll suggest that you check your LOCAL Pick & Pull and shop there for all of your Challenger and Charger and Road Runner parts! I think that their prices are terrific!

      Oh… wait… Pick & Pull doesn’t actually HAVE any of those cars there….

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