The SICKEST Race Ever! INSANE GTR vs Jeff Bush 1G Talon!

Legal or not, we all love drag racing, especially when they include some very fast sport cars with almost equal potential to win. This time we have got the chance to see one furious battle between an insane Nissan GTR and a really fast Eagle 1G Talon created by Jeff Bush.

We can freely say that this race is one of those “sick” races worth watching, because both cars make a fascinating performance and they will get you goose bumps from the start till the end, as they are always near each other. A little spoiler that proves our statements is that the winner of this drag race is only .331 ahead at the finish line.

The fact that is also admiring is that this GTR has achieved a world record. Actually, two weeks ago, this monster broke a world record with its power and reached 223 mph in only half mile. However, that should definitely not underestimate the potential of the Jeff Bush 1G Talon, which will surprise you for sure.

At the end, for all of you who are new to racing, make sure that you will bookmark this video because it is one of the few race examples that explain a perfect reaction time.

Anyway, would you like to take a peak into the fastest cars list?

Enjoy the video below!

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