One of the Most Challenging Drift Touge Slide! Would You Try This?

Best racecar drivers are in a constant search for exciting tracks and roads where they can challenge themselves and their vehicles to bring out the best of them on them on the table and videos of such events are really rare.

Well, being our job to look everywhere for this types of car racing and drifting competitions, we found this exciting video.

And no more or less it is a video of one of the toughest drift tracks any where in the world. It is happening in the mountain roads of the French Alps where only few lucky French car drifters had the opportunity to join on this `expedition` and test their abilities of driving and drifting skills and the endurance of their cars.

It is really an event on which you really must have strong guts and join these brave guys and show just how good you really are.

The event called Drift Challenge Touge Slide took place last autumn on October 5 and 6!

Enjoy the video below!

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