Check out this Rear and One of a Kind 1957 Ford F100 Truck!

Gary has grown to become an enthusiast very early in his life and now he earns for living doing his hobby, as he owns a couple of tow trucks and auto-related businesses. The magnificent custom made 1957 Ford F100 Truck wasn`t supposed to be one more piece of his collection when it first arrived in his storage space. His idea was different this time. The old F-100 truck reminded him of his father`s new “large back widow” `57. He was planning on restoring it as a gift for his father.

But his father was in need of a bigger vehicle for his business and so Gary was set on making another unique member of his precious collection. During the years he owned various cars and he almost always works on them himself. With the truck things were a bit different as he wanted to be the designer and not the builder.

Portlands Steve Restorations Auto in Oregon being considered a very talented crew took the job and started on the project with the final result needing to be his dream ride F-157.

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Work started with the original Ford parts, using a list which the crew and the trucks owner were revising together regularly. As a matter of fact the final list was two pages long. The idea was to put the truck`s classic look on first place, make the F-157 lower and longer with also putting touches of luxury and elegance. The roof was cut off and lowered for 1.5 inches. They shaved the door handles, a sectioning of the front fenders was needed and the hood was flattened. The tailgate and the of the 1957 Ford F100 Truck grille were leaned forward to make the A and B pillars fit. In order to get the “forward look” the Ecoline slim bumper `66 was trimmed and put closed to the chassis while the hood was a little extended. The slight peak of the bumper matched the peak with the previously sectioned grille. The headlights gave a seamless look to the fenders. Another of the same Ecoline bumper was placed in the back and the truck his bodywork complete.

With the body shape complete, work moved on, on the interior and it was taken care of by Washington`s Paul Reichen in Everet who was accurately reducing Gary`s list of items. The bench seat in T-bird style, the door panels and the headliner were all covered leather Buttery Tan. With space being a primary goal in the interior, the back seats were moved a bit more to the back and a compartment was made behind them for the electronics. Gauge parts from a Mustang from 1996 were installed in the dashboard which were held by a smooth metal dash. The Alpine stereo system and the remaining controls were moved in the glove compartment. The steering wheel, custom made, carrying the logo “F-157”, was painted to match the I-did-it steering column.

And with all these custom made touches one interior and the exterior, the most amazing surprise is placed under the hood. Gary`s choice was a 32 Valve Mustang 4.6 Liter Four Valve engine and as this was not enough he wanted more. The good looking blower Kenne Bell helps the Ford to a better acceleration. The packs of coil are hidden with the painted sheetmetal covers, wire and injectors are hidden beneath chromed air ducts and the cold air is being ducted from the internal fender panels. A smoothened and recessed firewall in the internal fender panels gives space for the hinges. The color of the 1957 Ford F100 Truck, Deep Red, was the last step in the project that needed three and a half years, which was sprayed by Blue Blood House of Color with an accent of Argent Silver beneath the hood.

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