2005 HP UGR Lamborghini Catches Fire But Also Gets A Place in The Guinness Book Of World Records! The Record Is 250 mph!

Every one of us here can admit that driving your car as fast as possible gives you a real thrill! Adrenaline is pumping in your veins as you focus on the road. That is one feeling we have all felt and love! The main difference is in the speeds we are willing to develop! For most of us, going 150 mph can seem more than enough! On the other hand, there are people who take this whole thing on a completely other level. This particular video shows us exactly that, a Russian driver named Leonid, going 250mph in a UGR Lamborghini! What makes this video even better is that is that this Lambo catches fire at the very end! That is why you just have to check out this UGR Lamborghini! This beauty managed to go up to 402 kmh! That is 250mph!!! Sounds like an impossible mission, but that is not the case in this great video where Lamborghini takes a sweet ride.

Furthermore, to make things more interesting you will witness a great finish with a huge flame, which might be caused by a power steering fluid leak on V10 engine. The UGR Lamborghini managed to finish the 1 mile race in 23.892 seconds! That is ridiculously fast! What caught our attention in this amazing video was the driver. His UGR Lamborghini went up in flames at the very end, and yet he acted like it was nothing special! He even went to light up a cigarette after he got out of the car! This guy sure is cold blooded! Nonetheless, this is a remarkable performance, which broke the top speed record and that is why deserves the biggest respect ever. Be sure to watch this brilliant video and enjoy!

Check out the on board video of this 2005hp Lamborghini UGR here!

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