Omaha Nights: Fox Body BEATER BOMB vs Yamaha R1 vs GSXR 600 vs ZX10R!

What we have here is a video of one of the Wednesday night car meet & cruise nights that guys do over there in Omaha, where many, many cars are getting at the parking lot, and later start cruising the streets. Some interesting encounters over there as you are about to see, this time between 5.3 liter, 500 HP, Nitrous Fox Ford Mustang called Beater Bomb, battling on the street with three powerful motorcycles: R1, ZX 10R and stretched GSXR 600.

Well, that is actually the first part of the video, in which this modest looking Ford, but with a real monster under the hood is taking on a triple bike challenge. As you will see it in the video bellow for yourself, Beater Bomb manages to do better and to win, just for a split second.

Later on, in the second part of the video, we have a chance to see what do the guys over there in Omaha do for fun, as they all gather at a parking lot, and after the usual confrontation and few `exchanged words`, things started to happen.

A huge convoy of cars and bikes is rolling down the streets and the show starts.

Enjoy the video below!

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