EPIC STREET RACE – GT-R vs GTR vs GSX-R750! SUPER Close Match Up!

EPIC STREET RACE -- GTR vs GTR vs Suzuki GSX-R750! SUPER Close Match Up! Not bad at all for a bone stock 750…a good rider makes such a difference!

Does the sound of throttle makes some stirring in your stomach? Or the speed gives you adrenaline rush? If so, you are going to like this. In this video we have two GTR-Ss and GSX-R750 and they are going for it and racing it down the highway. At the beginning they are evenly matched, separated only by inches. But after some racing the white GTR-S just overruns them by a long shot. After all it must be thanks not to the car alone, but driver`s skill as well. However, we recommend you never try this in real life.

Enjoy the video below!

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