FORD MUSTANG 3000 HP That Will Make You Hold Your Breath!

Greetings my dear muscle car fans! If by some chance you ever had a friend who is overwhelmed by some Bugatti Veyron 16.4 and those 1 000 HP that is boosting, or by those aftermarket models of the latest Lamborghini Aventador models, today we have prepared something that will make them look at it with a total disbelief, followed by an ultimate awe! Yes! As you could have read in the title, what we have here is one ultra-powerful American muscle car, a Ford Mustang 3000 HP from the early 70`s that is powered by a real monster that can generate astonishing 3 000 HP!

But also, if by some chance you thought that when we are talking about a vintage Detroit muscle that is boosting so much horsepower, we are going to show you one of those dragsters, specialized only for the strip, for which you cannot even think about legally driving it on the streets, know that nothing could be further away from the truth.

Oh no, this jaw-dropping Ford Mustang 3000 HP Mach 1 is 100% street legal American muscle car (even though it is prepared for drag battles), with a powerful motor built by the Steve Morris Engines crew, that features pretty much stock shaped body (with a small exception of those colossal rear wheels and the double parachutes). Underneath, there is the 9.4 liter 572 cubic inch big block V8 engine, paired up with an 88mm billet Bullseye turbochargers and a Chiseled Performance intercooler. The dyno result of all this is exactly 3 040 HP and 2 411 pound feet of torque.

Now have a look at the video clip below and see this jaw-dropping vintage Detroit muscle yourself! And if you want to see another 3 000 HP Mustang in a strip action, click here.