Norway Is Building The World’s 1st Ship Tunnel Through The Mountains!

The Stad Peninsula which is located in Norway is known for some of the most perilous coastlines in the entire region. The place meets between the North Sea and the Norwegian Sea. The turbulent waters of these coastlines have taken many lives over the last couple of decades. This perfectly explains why Norway is planning to build a mile-long ship tunnel in order to make a secure passage for commercial boats. The entire project is estimated at $315 million and it`s designed to accommodate boats as gigantic as the famous Norway`s Hurtigruten cruisers. The tunnel is planned to be up to 150 feet tall and 118 feet wide.

Building is set to start in 2018. However, this is far from a done deal and it`s definitely no easy task. The coastal administration announced that a huge amount of blasted rock will have to be removed. The estimation is around 7.5 million tons. This could take 4 years to complete. In this project, there is also a proposal for a bridge at the southern access. Pedestrians will have a unique view of huge ships passing by. This may sound like a preposterous idea. However, that may be so because nobody has attempted to build such a construction before. You can see a concept animation of this very ambitious ship tunnel in the video below.

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