I`m sure that all of you who are following the thoroughly, know well that despite the best muscle cars, the most interesting and attractive supercars, extremely powerful trucks and off-road vehicles, and interesting video clips connected with them, we are always trying to keep up with all the other things with the innovative technology that are here for our pleasure and joy. That is why today we are going to show you something a little bit different, a jet surfboard. You will find out more in a minute, so read on…

Those of you who are familiar with the man, know that if you need a new toy for the water world, something that will give you the ultimate pleasure and joy, than Laird Hamilton is the man to talk to! Most times, this guy is spending his time with his Golfboard, or doing endless spinning on his Paddleboard, but the following video clip is showing him with his latest invention called the Jet surfboard.

As the name itself is telling us, it is a surfboard equipped with an engine, so it really appears like a real jet surfing on the water, without needing big waves and wind. I guess this would look and sound pretty corny to some professional surfer, but we are not coming from that group, but from the one that like mechanics and engineering. So if you ask me, this thing is ideal for a typical Gearhead.

But hey, that is just me! So you better take a look at the following video and make your own judgment about it. And if you want to find out something more about it, go to this link.