Challenger Hellcat, Corvette Z06 & Shelby GT500!

When you think of an American muscle car, which one comes to your mind first? We are pretty sure that some of these three cars in the video below is one of your options. Three muscle cars are showing each other what they got! Why is this important? Because these cars are STOCK and with MANUAL transmission! The video is about 2015 Dodge SRT8 Challenger Hellcat, 2015 Corvette Z06 with the Z07 package and 2014 Shelby GT500.

Three beasts in one video. We are more than happy to present it to you. First, the Hellcat and the Corvette are going on the road. Get ready for some action! You have the possibility to see how powerful these cars actually are. Oh, and of course VOLUME UP people! If you pay enough attention, you can notice how quickly the numbers on the Hellcat`s dashboard are changing when the driver steps on the gas pedal. Cool. A bit later, they show us a little neck to neck racing. The Shelby GT500 comes up by the end of the video. And just when the things are about to get even more exciting, there is somebody to ruin the party. Wondering who? Check out now!

Anyway, check out this day of horse celebration!