Richie Parker Works At HENDRICK MOTO Despite His Handicap!

No matter how offended my one feel, we often take immaterial things for granted. Sadly, that`s the true. And when something goes wrong, then we actually realize the position we have already been in. Therefore, our piece of advice here would be to appreciate what you have and don`t be greedy for things that do not belong to you. Because there are people who were not born like the rest of us. Such people appreciate life and they are thankful that are part of this world. Quite often, more than us. Today`s story is about Richie Parker.

A man who never gave up on his dreams and went all the way despite the fact that he was born with no arms. In the video below, you are going go see Richie doing his everyday tasks, as normal as possible, using mostly his feet. Also, you are going to hear from the people surrounding him, his parents and Rex Stump, engineering manager at Hendrick who gave Richie Parker a job. Initially, he was supposed to be only an intern, but 8 years later he is still part of Hendrick`s team. Finally, we hope that Richie`s attitude will motivate you and inspire you as well.

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