CAR BATTERY PROBLEMS? The Solution Is Simple! Start Your Car With A DOZEN Of AA Batteries!

We have all found ourselves in a situation when the car battery is dead. Such a horrible moment, isn`t it? All of this can end pretty quickly if there is somebody polite enough to give you a hand by giving you a battery boost for a jump start. But what are you going to do if you are all by yourself? Luckily, today`s video presents the cure for such a situation. All you need is just a mobile soldering kit, some wires, and a dozen of AA batteries.

First, start by using these three components together. Begin by soldering the wires to the batteries. But solder carefully at this stage to prevent degradation. The next step would be to charge the car battery. This is the section where you have to pay attention, in order to avoid the creation of smoke. In other words you have to connect the batteries with the positive to positive and negative to negative or you will short the batteries. After connecting the batteries, wait for about ten minutes and try to start the car. And voila! You are good to go!

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