Nissan Skyline GTR Or The King Of Flame Shooters!

By now we got used to watching shooting flames spectacles that are coming from the streets of London, but the one that you are about to watch in the following video is about to cast `a huge shadow` on each and everyone that we have seen before. When it comes to flame shooters, it is probably the most insane fire throwing that I have ever seen in my life (whether it is on a video or in a real life), coming out of the exhaust of a car. I mean, this guy shoots such an enormously big flame, that it really seems like someone is just about to call the fire department.

But instead of them, accidentally or not, police is arriving at that spot, on Sloane Street, where this Nissan Skyline R33 is having its `parade`. I mean, I know that we all enjoy watching great car shooting flames, but everything has its limits. And do not think of me as a conservative, but this guy is doing it in the middle of the street where there are so many people standing around, and anyone of them could have been easily hurt. And I really do not get it how come the police could not find anything to charge him with, so I will repeat again, I think that it is a stupid thing, doing something like that on a public street.

Racing, or doing any kind of a stunt on the track, or a certain place with such a purpose is one thing, but this…Take a look at it and see the king of flame shooters!

If you want to find out something more about the Nissan Skyline GTR R33, check out this link.