Watch the TWIN TURBO 370Z Destroying The GTR!

I think that those of you who are following us on regular basis can probably remember on one recent article that we have had not long ago, with a street race between two diesel trucks titled “Never Say Hop Before You Jump”. Besides the race itself, between the LB7 Duramax and the 12V Cummins, the point was that one should never get overconfident in a race, just because he has a good start. Things could change within seconds and the guy who started to celebrate his victory very soon, could end up as a fool and with an expression on his face that causes laughs. I`m telling you all of this because today we have another similar video, only this time instead of trucks, we have a street race between two great Nissan models. First one is a Twin Turbo 370Z with a motor under the hood which is giving a total output to a 670 HP, with a CJM Fuel System E85, and its opponent is a tuned Nissan GTR R35, packing an upgraded Turbos, boosting 700 HP, mated to a Jacks Transmission, and also running on E85 fuel.

Guys are having a rolling start, and at first, it seems like the GTR is going to go home victor, but just a couple of seconds later, the Nissan Turbo 370Z gets furious and destroys the GTR R35. So, the conclusion once again is `Jump first, then say HOP`!

Check out the video and enjoy it. And if you want to learn more about the Nissan 370Z, go to this link.