TRUCK vs TRUCK! It Takes More Than a Smoke Stack To Win!

I`m sure that all of us have heard the saying “First jump, then say hop”, right? Well, when we are talking about the following video clip that we have prepared for you in this article, this applies one hundred percent. What we have here is a street race between two trucks, one of them is the LB7 Duramax, and the other 12V Cummins, and the first and second reaction of the boy inside of the loosing Cummins. Anyway, an amazing truck vs truck contest!

As you can probably guess, the boy got pretty sure in himself and his stock 12 valve Cummins, as he started to gain some advantage at the beginning of the race, which had a 45 mph rolling start. But right after a few seconds, his smiley face changed into the exact opposite as he was watching his opponent passing him by and started to wonder what happen!

It is not like it is the best truck race that we have seen or anything alike, but it really is funny watching someone who gets overconfident getting smacked! Just watch the truck vs truck video and see what I`m talking about. And of course, try not to make the same mistake yourself and end up being funny!

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