Shocking Results at Nissan GTR Dyno Test Run in Stockholm!

Here is a video of real professionals doing their job. These guys at the TurboCenter in Stockholm, Sweden are performing a Nissan GTR dyno testing run! The most legendary car! Why a legend? Because it is being sold for more than 15 years, although it was produced for only 3. The guys at the TurboCenter are putting this car to the max. When it is accelerating, you might think that it has reached its peak, but not, the Nissan shows that it can go further! And the exhaust? Get ready to see some fire!

According to the stickers on the car, it has probably been racing. Here, we are talking about one of the most popular racing tracks in the world which is located in Germany, Nurburgring. Furthermore, you can easily notice the parts installed under the hood of this car by famous manufacturers. Also, a thing that we like is that the guys from the TurboCenter, show us the graph of how this car has performed at this dyno run. And when it comes to HP, it is not a small number. This car is powerful! Check out the Nissan GTR DYNO!

Anyway, check out the whole DYNO process!