Nissan GTR Burnout & a Drag Race! Must See This!

Check out this Nissan GTR Burnout & Drag Race joined by an amazing sound! This GT-R is burning some robber and then goes drag racing.

The legendary Japanese car is up for racing once again! At the very beginning you can see this vehicle warming up, i.e. increasing the temperature of the tires for the drag race that follows. While it does that, it firmly stays into place, making you think that the smoke comes from the underground! Like evaporating steam on a cold weather! At the same time, you can enjoy the lovely sounds of the engine, the turbo, the exhaust system! Before the race is started the drivers demonstrates the accelerating power of the Red Godzilla! Seconds later, we see the Red Godzilla way ahead than the opponent but sadly the finish is not recorded.

Finally, check out this 1998 Nissan!

Enjoy the video below!

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