BIG BLOCK Chevy CAMARO VS Nissan GTR Alpha 9!

There is nothing better for a petrolhead than a nice sunny day and other people in the mood for racing! Particularly when the duel is between a muscle car and an import car. The eternal struggle continues with another magnificent race in which one competitor is left far behind. Who`s that? Is it the Camaro or the Nissan GTR Alpha 9? You are going to figure that out in no time! There will be folks, disappointed by the rather poor performance of the loosing car. In our opinion it could`ve done it better for sure! Judging by the way this video started, the loosing car was promising a lot more than it presented!

However, it turned out it hasn`t enough power to confront its opponent. Looks like we are talking in codes, trying to hide the outcome of this race, but not anymore! This time, the victory is taken away from the hands of the Chevy Camaro! Seemed like the driver was not in shape for that race, and the Nissan GTR Alpha 9 took full advantage of the situation! Sadly for the muscle car, it was lagging behind a lot and ate all the dust created by the Japanese icon!

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