Fulvio De Simoni YACHTS To Be Ready Between 2016 & 2018!

If we tend to keep things simple, we would probably agree that one of the greatest goals for one person is to own a Yacht at one point of his or her life! Yachts, although never present in our lives in a material form, are often present in our minds, in our conversations, and most often – in our dreams! However, Yachts can be very expensive to buy and maintain, especially if they were made by the Italian Yacht Designer – FULVIO DE SIMONI! By creating the World`s most expensive and luxury yachts, De Simoni entered the world of RESPECTIVE yacht builders!

The video below, will give you a brief introduction and will represents all the yachts that were ordered between the period of 2016 and 2018. With a relaxing tune in the background, it will take you to a World you have always had a wish to belong to. Just for the record, Fulvio De Simoni, who`s yachts you will see, already had big projects like the Wider 125`, the AP 64 FLY S which was named BOAT OF THE YEAR and so on! So, if you are ready to take a cruise in one of these yachts, now`s the time!

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