Mugen-Honda V10 Formula 1 Engine Up For Sale For €10,000!

Even though replacing your dull and slow engine for a much larger and much better in the car you are modifying is a fairly common thing, there are some engines that are extremely rare and everyone would like to own one. But finding one is extremely difficult and expensive. Worry no more hence now you get the chance to buy a rare V10 Formula 1 engine for a fairly cheap price of $10,000. The possibilities are endless and you can do whatever you want with the Formula 1 engine, either put it in a car or just find any other use.

Mugen-Honda V10 Formula 1 Engine Up For Sale For 10000 2

This 3.5L Mugen-Honda V10 was listed for sale just recently. Knowing that owning one such engine is a privileged, this is your super rare chance to grab one for such low price. Though there is no further information about the engine in terms of its history and by whom it was used, we know that it is somewhere from 1993 or 1994. This would mean that this Formula 1 engine was probably used by either Footwork team in 1993 or Lotus in 1994.

Even though this engine does not have a pedigree to some greater level, having one is surely something awesome. Moreover, quite a few not so strong teams won couple of Formula 1 races using this type of a Mugen-Honda engine. We also get to hear this beast in action and the sound it makes is absolutely amazing.

What do you think, what would you use it for if you manage to purchase it? Here is the link to RACE CARS DIRECT! Check the video to find out how the Honda V10 Formula 1 engine sounded at 20.000 RPM!