CHEVY CAMARO SS Vs HONDA CIVIC Verbal Fight & Humiliating Race!

We have said this numerous times before, but I think that it would not hurt if I say it again. Even though we are a website, dedicated to the power and the glory of (primarily) the best muscle cars, as well as to some of the fastest and out-of-this-world sports cars, which is in a direct conjunction with different types of racing, we strongly oppose the illegal street races. Especially the ones that are taking place in urban areas, inside the cities, where there are lots of `regular` cars and drivers, and of course, huge number of pedestrians. And I believe that I do not need to stress the reasons why! However, one must LOVE this Camaro SS vs Honda race!

Today we are going to show you a video clip that contains all the things which a responsible drive should not do! In this case, almost everything from the above mentioned!

However, the whole scene with this powerful Chevy Camaro SS vs Honda, which, according to the video owner, has a score of 11.5 seconds at 122 mph, challenged by one modest Honda Civic, is actually acting. Guys arranged the whole thing previously, and later on acted as if they have met on the streets by a chance, and the Honda driver started to provoke the Camaro, so very soon, they make a race deal and hit it off!

So, if you are intrigued by this, check out the video and see the whole thing yourself. And if you want to see another, much more serious street battle, click here.